Two complete menus to taste our traditional Roman and fish specialties.

Discover the true flavor of Roman cuisine, with its typical dishes rich in history and tradition. We have for you two complete menus, including dessert and drinks. 

Roman Tasting

degustazione romana

A selection of typical Roman and local dishes


Glass of prosecco and Burino salad

First dishes

Rigatoni with Amatriciana
Rigatoni (excellence since 1986), guanciale, tomato, pecorino romano chees.
Paccheri Cacio and Pepe
Short pasta “Pacchero” (excellence since 1886), pecorino romano, black pepper.

Second Courses

Abbacchio alla Cacciatora
Lamb meat, Rosemary, white wine, garlic, vinegar, anchovies, capers and extra virgin olive oil.

Meatballs and zucchini stuffed with beef
Ground beef (Angus Scottish PGI), Zucchini, Nutmeg, Parmesan, Egg, Pine nuts, Bread soaked in milk.
Beef rolls with tomato sauce
Beef slices (Scottish Angus PGI), Celery, Carrots, Onion, White wine, Pachino tomatoes and Parmesan.

Side dish

Artichokes Roman-Style
Roman artichokes, lemon, parsley, mint, garlic and extra virgin olive oil.


Homemade dessert and coffee


Italian Spring water and Osteria Romana’s Red Wine

50,00 Euro

Fish specialty Tasting

degustazione di pesce

A selection of first and second courses based on fish


Glass of prosecco and raw fish

First dishes

Potato Gnocchi with Veraci Clams and glasswort

Potato gnocchi with white dough, with clams, extra virgin olive oil.


Fresh Tagliolini pasta with Shrimps and Zucchini

Long fresh egg pasta, romanesque courgettes, fresh shrimp, cherry tomatoes.


Paccheri with sea bass ragot
Pasta, cherry tomatoes, sea bass ragout, aubergines, chilli pepper.

Second Courses

Imperial Bass
Fresh spiny seabass, baked in the oven, artichoke, garlic, herbs, salt and pepper.


Baccalà alla romana

Roman style cod with tomato and potato

Side dish

Seasonal vegetables, garlic and olive oil or olive oil and lemon


Homemade dessert and coffee


Italian Mineral water and Osteria Romana’s White wine


70,00 Euro


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